Nine Princes in Amber

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Ten books saga launches itself with this first tale full of fury and rage for the throne and the book also provides the info related to the Amber world. Amber described as a real world banished Corwin years ago into the shadow Earth. Why the prince was kicked out of the world no one knows, however he is returning back to the home world and he is not in a pleasant mode. The rest of the eight brothers of Corwin are present in a strongly forged place that no one in the world can enter.

Once the world was ruled by these nine immortal princes but now only eight remain after the exiled the Corwin. Banished prince is not a fragile being himself and he possesses the strength to face the guards that stand in the way. For centuries he has toiled and planned for the day when he would return and now that day has come.

Alessandro Juliani has narrated this part and other parts including Sign of the Unicorn and The Courts of Chaos. Start is good but it does not last for a long time or we can say that the start put a lot of expectations in our mind which are not fulfilled to the exact level.

After the initial half the novel again gets a kick start and then the climax is reached in full gear, at that point the story seem to be moving in the real sense before this it’s a slow paced thing but not dull. Roger Zelazny actually makes the people wait for the real fun so that they get charged up at once when they reach the main thing.

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