Nineteen Minutes

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Adults have always liked the youth but could this be possible that the youth is liked only because it obeys. The novel raises one or two strong questions that are still there in our societies and different people have different answers that they present with a support of some examples.

It is a court trial that we witness in the novel by Jodi Picoult, it’s another town with another girl in distress like always but the situation and the story is new. And this is what fans expect from Jodi, she never harps on the same tune we can get nothing in common if we compare The Storyteller and Leaving Time.

This one now is also full of complex problems that are different from the rest. It is Sterling we go to that seems to be an ordinary town not because of the people but because of the fact that nothing gigantic ever happens in it. The people live a pleasant placid life and follow the same dull pattern of life which they don’t like at all.

But when the act of violence strikes the town all of them are stunned by the aftermath. The case starts with Josie Cormier as the best witness to the whole incident but unfortunately she does not remember anything. Most of the people think that it is all intentional she wants to hide the facts but again no one can force her because she is just a child. Relations and family bonds are soon disturbed when we find the town divided into two groups with two different opinions about the scenario. Carol Monda depicts the story well especially the court scenes are done with quite concentration because on which the whole novel depends.

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