No Mercy

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The world is going down but in a different way this time, an evil force is ready to unleash itself on the world and there are two hindrances in its way in the form of Samia and Dev. Samia is a committed fighter and she is the diehard kind who does not let her enemy enjoy an easy fight. She is in the Amazon till the beginning of time or as far as she can remember and she has faced enemies and destruction, death even was not scary for her but here perhaps things might go out of her hands a little.

She and the shapeshifter Dev have been guarding the Sanctuary for two centuries and they have allowed nothing to come in or go out of it. Enemy side has found something new this time and with that source they can hack into anything including the Sanctuary.

Greater evil will come to the land in this way and the duty of Sam and Dev can fail in a big way. Death was not that much scary for Sam as she is going to witness hell itself this time. Bad Moon Rising and Dark Side of the Moon provided the two main characters some time to love and enjoy but this from the start talks about action and though the two characters are attached to each other but they don’t have the time for each other.

Sherrilyn Kenyon is bringing slow changes in the series and as these are not abrupt so they are easily digestible. Holter Graham correct pronunciation of words and beautiful accent dominates the entire part and so far this is the best narration that the series got.

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