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We hear about the stories related to the universe and it creation but never has anyone given so much attention intentionally to the whole solar system. The presentation is so concrete that it seems that we are analyzing the whole solar system from the heaven above. Matthew Mather tells us about the start and restart of life its causes and impacts on the mother earth.

Though everything is based on author’s perception alone but everything appears to be so real and appealing that we cannot skip even a single fragment of the whole thing. Dr. Ben Rollins the head in NASA at the beginning discovers something big, big enough to eat everything up within no time.

Instead of going to the media or thinking about a cure he calls his family to return from Italy which means that the problems seems to have no cure at all and the good doctor wants to meet his family before the thing happens. The thing that is appearing to come close at every moment is something that is bigger than the nucleus of the solar system and it means that the human race and the solar system has no future. Though nobody can tell about its coming closer but the doctor knows that it is upon them.

As the story goes on we come to know that he wanted his family because he wanted to tell something about his research as well. It can be best understood if read along with the other part Sanctuary that continues after the arrival of the nomads that actually did what the doctor was expecting.

Both parts are narrated by Keith Szarabajka which is the right choice because his voice suits with the condition and development of the novel.





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