Northern Lights

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Northern Lights is a super exciting novel written by Nora Roberts, which is another successful inclusion in her already rich archives. It is a romantic novel with some absolutely awesome suspense as well. Gary Littman has given the narration of this novel, which was definitely a job well done.

The Lunacy town in Alaska holds the last chance for Nate Burke. As a cop of Baltimore, he already had watched his partner die miserably on the street and he couldn’t do much about it. That guilt is something, which still haunts him a lot. Having no other option, Nate accepted the police chief job offer in this remote and small Alaskan town. Apart from figuring out a run amidst a couple of vehicles and a moose, he had a relatively quieter first few weeks in his new job. But just as he thinks whether this move has been a mistake by him, an unexpected kiss on the New Year’s Eve lifts his spirits and encourages him to stay a bit longer.

Meg Galloway is born and bred in Lunacy, who is used to be alone. She was quite a little young girl, when her father went missing, without a trace. After his disappearance, she managed to learn to be independent, while living in the outskirts of the town and flying a small plane that she owns. After her New Year’s Eve kiss with Nate Burke, everything changed for her.

Dark Witch and Shadow Spell are 2 other novels from Nora Roberts, which are beautiful and have a lots of fan following. In their audio formats, they deserve to be listened by all book lovers, who are into fictional stuff.



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