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It is usually said by many fans that Kevin Wilson possesses a mesmerizing touch and if someone doubts it he will not say a word after having a glance at this masterpiece. Lillian and Madison prove to be the most extraordinary characters you ever find in literature. First they were roommates but then though Lillian leaves the boarding school because of a scandal still their friendship remained unbroken.

Years after when Madison thought that she needed help she goes straight to the only friend she ever trusted. She wants Lillian to take care of the twin stepkids who possess rare powers. Though the whole thing seemed to be a trick by an old friend but them surprisingly the thing proved to be true. The two kids really could ignite themselves when they got angry. From humble beginnings the story enters into the domain of fiction from which there is no return for the audience after that.

The moment the kids and the caretaker learn to coexist they start feeling a bond between them from both sides. Lillian too thinks that she needs the kids in so many ways and it is this chance in life she has been waiting for, trying to prove to the world that she can do impossible things in life.

Madison and her dominant husband has too little to do in the sensational scenes because it’s mostly Lillian and the children who are seen stealing the show all the time. The Family Fang and Perfect Little World are the other two masterpieces by the author that you can go through after this one. This one however is enriched by the voice of Marin Ireland that is awesome to hear.

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