Oath of Gold

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It was under discussion a lot after the end of the first and second part of the series that Paksenarrion hasn’t lost anything. No doubt a good thing that one is gaining only but this does not make him or her legend. In order to become a legend, you got to suffer and sacrifice in life only then you get the taste of real heroism.

Paksenarrion once a sheepfarmer’s daughter in Sheepfarmer’s Daughter won wars against robbers and devilish forces but this time she goes against big enemies. Saving the eleven prince is the biggest quest that she ever got, after finishing her training in the knight academy she thinks that she is ready for it.

Facing the gods however is never easy for an ordinary human being. The gods are against her and stand as her biggest rival in the quest. Because of all this the Holy quest soon starts to look unholy to the warrior and she must gather her wits and keep her focus. Divided Allegiance tested her limits but for this mission the warrior girl has to go beyond her limits otherwise she and the prince would end up as dead meat. Elizabeth Moon ends the trilogy with high action and suspense scenes, if someone is interested in seeing the rise of gladiator this series is a perfect choice.


Stepwise rise gets the listener attracted to the character and Elizabeth has not given any strong secondary characters in the series. This keeps our focus on one single character all the time; also it was easy for Jennifer Van Dyck to narrate one single strong figure in the series.




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