Oath of Loyalty

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Mitch Rapp used to be a hero of the state and he still wants to have that title but the department has disowned him completely. He was on a mission when the people from the department left him isolated and since then he has been working on his own. He serves no one but this does not mean that he has gone against the state. President Anthony Cook thinks of Rapp as a threat to him so he wants to eradicate him permanently.

The director of the CIA thinks that the enmity is not good for the state and the department so she tries to develop a bond of friendship between these two powerful men present in the state. Vince Flynn and Kyle Mills narrate these characters who are against each other at the start of this magnificent tale.

Both of these men sign a truce according to which Mitch Rapp decides that he will leave the country and will not bring any sort of harm to the president. The CIA in return promises that they will leave Mitch Rapp alone forever. The deal is signed and Rapp decides to leave but the security chief of Cook induces this thought in his mind that Rapp is not going to keep his promise.

The president hires assassins against Rapp and this time Rapp is not going to leave anything unfinished. The Last Man and Protect and Defend are well balanced with this book. We can say that every book which the author has written has equal standards so we cannot say that any book is better than the previous one.

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