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Earth got occupied not in a flash but still in so quick time that the human race never got the time to plan for a resistance. After a span of twenty five years finally the hidden teams of human soldiers think that it is time for some payback. They know the enemy well now as they have studied about its weaknesses over the years and they are aware of its full strength too. Alec gets picked by surprise, for many years he has been working for the aliens because they were keeping him as a slave.

Now he becomes free thanks to the three men who appear in his life rather unexpectedly. Opportunity to escape from the alien control was a blessing and an offer he could not resist. After the introduction of Alec, Devon C. Ford and Nathan Hystad introduce Cole and Lina as a power couple in the story. Cole has always been a boy who likes to run free in the wild but when he meets Lina after the destruction of her village he thinks that he finally has a goal in life.

The two escape the deadly traps of the aliens and successfully hide themselves from the drones that chase them. Last one to join the team is Dex, the man who has been given a real masculine voice by the narrator Ray Porter. Dex actually hunts for the aliens but when he comes to know about their devilish plans he at once changes side. Without Salvation and Reclamation this book is nothing because it is more of a prologue after which the real war starts. Characters are brought together and their motives are told, the unfolding of stories will take place in the next chapters.

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    Final Days: Escape

    Salvation Rise, Book 2


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