Odd Billy Todd

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Odd Billy Todd is a fantastic novel written by the novelist, N. C. Reed. It is a post-apocalyptic, science fiction fantasy, which has all the ingredients of a strong audio book with a powerful story, amazing characterization and some awesome performances as well. The narration of this novel is done by Christopher Lane, who deserves all the appreciation and praise for his amazing voice quality and awesome expressions.

The story of this novel revolves around Billy Todd, who is always considered to be a different person than the others. A lot of people for his obvious differences used to call him “odd” and actually those were all the nice people. In reality, Billy Todd was born with a disability of learning. But, his parents never let him to be called or known as a disabled. He was raised well to be self-sufficient. Although, he might not be as smart as many others around him, but in reality. He was a lot smarter than the people around him actually considered.

Billy wasn’t helpless at the time when 95% of the population of the world got killed by a plague. He was believing that he will be the only survivor in his town.

C. Reed is a novelist known for some amazing science fiction fantasy novels. You will know him better if you go deep in his rich archives and bring out something special for your own entertainment. If you are thinking about that now then his most desirable novels that are worthy of listening are: Fire from the Sky and Brotherhood of Fire. The audio formats of these novels are packed with some amazing performances, which you will cherish for a long time to come.






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    Brotherhood of Fire


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