Of Blood and Fire

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Derek Perkins just surprises the audience every now and then by narrating stories in a way that other narrators cannot do. This is a rare talent which the narrator possesses and he has used it here once again. Sapiens and Homo Deus are there on the list if you want to listen to Derek’s narration further and want to know about the talent even more. Ryan Cahill has written this book and it is a non-stop ride which will not waste the precious time of the listeners. Author introduces a new world known as Epheria where war is one of the normal things that one can find on his threshold. The land is garnished with the stories of bloodshed and conspiracies.

Between all of these tragedies there is Calen Bryer who has lost someone really precious and is not willing to lose anything further. Calen lost his brother after which he thought that something inside him was really broken. He never thought that he would lose his brother and now when he is not with him, Calen thinks that he is stranded on the big planet.

The Proving is the biggest task in Calen’s way and there is a chance that he might also not survive during the test. Meanwhile three strangers enter the land and start a big war which engulfs everything in a quick succession. Calen’s reveals his true powers which no one around him was aware of and he is not the kind of hero who has any kind of prophesy to define his inner strength. The time to settle the score has arrived and only one with the courage is Calen.

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