Old Enemy

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Dean became almost mad with rage when his lovely life partner was abducted by the Theos in The Theos. Mission that was launched for her freedom was one of the most extreme missions that Dean ever led. All of it bore fruit in the end and not only the woman but also the universe was saved. Time has come for Dean to fulfill his dreams now i.e to live a peaceful life with his wife on New Spero, a place that he calls home now. Fate has other plans for the hero and Nathan Hystad the author of this dramatic series makes Dean land into another mission.

Iskios Vortex was eradicated from the face of the universe and no threats will ever come from there now but old enemies still remain that want to make the human race kneel. Bhlat, those who were defeated in New World have returned now and they come with deadly information about Kraski. A common enemy can be dealt easily if the humans and Bhlat unite for this one mission.

Dean too wants this unity but he also has doubts in his mind about Bhlat, he thinks that these old enemies can deceive them at the time of war. Pact is made between the two groups as they prepare for a war against the one power that kicked the human race out from its original home.

Not only Dean but also the rest of the team is aggressive this time so Luke Daniels provides them the same kind of pitch. This is because they face the old nemesis that started everything on the earth years ago.

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    The Theos

    New Alliance


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