Ominous Odyssey

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John Corwin in the series related to different worlds relating to paranormal activities and advanced technology once again takes us on a tour of a life time. The other books  including Insidious Insurrection (Overworld Chronicles #14) – John Corwin and  Conrad Edison and the Living Curse (Overworld Arcanum #1) – John Corwin are also good to read if you are looking to know stories in the famous series by the author. The world again is in danger and this time the danger is so huge in magnitude that even Justin and his team find things too tough to handle on their own.

The start is a bit slow and casual as both the groups talk of peace treaty which could benefit their nations in the long run and thus one assumes that the story is not a thriller but in the later stage thrill and action arises and reaches its peak when Elyssa sense something strange related to Brightlings approach toward the proposal and she also comes to know about their evil desire related to a secret weapon that is hidden in the Voltis for ages and no one can reach that place as it is guarded by powers that no one can overcome, thus going there means asking for trouble or death for sure.

Justin though knows all but still takes the risk not for the greed of power but also for the sole purpose of saving the whole Darkling nation from becoming slave once again by the power of that secret weapon. The story is full of action and a race against time situation also makes it a nice thriller as well.

There is test of trust and friendship that is constantly seen in the story especially once the characters enter the Voltis and show their commitment to fight against the elemental forces that lie there. The narration of Austin Rising provides the thrilling pitch that was needed for such a story that is full of technology weapons and fights with an element of treachery as well.   



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