On Her Majesty’s Frightfully Secret Service

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Another mission and another hurdle in the life of the 35th in the list makes her life miserable than ever. To become the queen of England has never been Lady Georgiana’s dream because this is something she cannot achieve.

Moreover being in the line of the crown is a curse that she carries because she cannot marry the person of her choice because of it. Darcy has been the guy for Georgiana for years now and in order to marry him she needs the permission from the queen.

This time Darcy is not with her and she is asked by the queen to keep an eye on a house part that could lead to a secret marriage that the queen wants to stop at any rate. Rhys Bowen has been presenting stories related to the personal life and professional life of the 35th in the list and this time we do get a ray of hope the start that she might get freedom from the shackles of family responsibilities. However like always she is fighting a desperate battle in the end like A Royal Pain and Royal Flush  for herself and also for the honor of the family.

Though she is getting nothing from the family except the missions but still she is loyal to it. Even the narrator Katherine Kellgren shows intensity in her speech this time to depict that they things are becoming tough for the Lady. Having no time for herself she serves the queen willingly but it is becoming tough for her to continue the job for too long.

The story is strong and it has always been in the series but energy was not there and the writer wanted to shows his main character tired all the time because of overburdened life.

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