On the Oceans of Eternity

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Oceans, forests and people war with natural disasters are synonym to what S. M. Stirling writing is all about. You will again witness some similar writing with a totally different mindset from his prior literary work. This is what makes him so special as an author. This time for On The Oceans of the Eternity noverl, the author teamed up with Todd McLaren once again for giving the narration of his book in a great conversational style, which the book demanded.

The 20th century and the Bronze Age some 10 years ago got tossed together by a horrifying mysterious Event. In the decade, the Nantucket Republic has worked extremely hard in order to make a completely new and bright future for themselves and their future generations. This was supposed to be done with the technological know-how that is retained from the modern times for the sake of exploring and enhancing the circumstances of all the inhabitants from the past.

A number of people became allies and a few turned towards William Walker, the traitorous Coast Guard official. For the last 10 years, both the sides have tested against each other in order to find out that who will lead the new world of the future.

The author S. M. Stirling has done a great job in literary writing in several other books. However, the books like Dies the Fire and The Protector’s War stands right at the top of heap. You must listen to these books to enjoy hours of entertainment that will force you to think that how creative S. M. Stirling is as a writer.



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