On the Shoulders of Titans

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Andrew Rowe is a cult writer who is brilliant in producing a gem of a story from sometimes ordinary and sometimes through very powerful characters. That is his uniqueness that makes him stand out in the crowd of writers.

His book, On the Shoulders of Titans, this is very much on the cards that you will witness some great rivalry, a powerful fighter, and some great resilience as well. The book got its audio through the inspirational and commanding voice of Arcane Ascension, who delivers it with great confidence for the characters he plays.

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Corin Cadence has a solid reason in hand to completely believe his brother. Tristan has been found to be alive still, but, unfortunately, getting any further information on the matter or things around it, wouldn’t going to be much easy. Tristan looked to be intertwined with some clandestine organization, which proudly call themselves as ‘Whispers’. The last encounter of Corin with the Whispers didn’t go that much well.

Corin has a large number of pressing problems to deal with. Sara is all down and out, while still going through mysterious time, which ended her up with an end to her magic and her voice too. Corin admits that part of all this was due to his fault only and he is very much motivated to fix it all up.

Sufficiently Advanced Magic and Forgiving Dignity are a couple of his other books, which are at par with his standards and several other renowned writers of his era. You will surely be mesmerized with his powerful sense of creativity and the way he makes and handles the characters of his stories. It is a must-read and worth your while.



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    Sufficiently Advanced Magic

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