Orb Sceptre Throne

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There was a lot of stuff happening in the third part of the series and Ian C. Esslemont didn’t provide a final solution to any of the problems. Perhaps the author already had this fourth part in his mind that’s why he never tried to end everything in the third part. All of that stuff was intentionally woven in the third part in order to take the story onward to the fourth and fifth parts of the series. Return of the Crimson Guard and Stonewielder before this book talked about the rising problems and this book starts the journey towards the conclusion in a slow way.

Surely this is one of the best fantasies which John Banks has ever narrated and he has been given the honor to take it to the end as well. Darujhistan was a utopia once and then the invaders from Malazan took its beauty and started to bring it down in every way possible.

The peace of the city is restored once again and the invaders have been thrown out of the city walls now. A twisty situation appears once again when a scholar finds something strange in an old vault. Perhaps the invaders were not after the riches of the city rather they were trying to find something else.

An old search for power starts with the revelation of this vault and many soldiers from both sides emerge to test their luck in this manner. Red happens to be one of the soldiers and he has a link with Malazan. This time he decides to leave his friends and foes aside because he is going to try his luck on his own.

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