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Dan Brown’s fifth from Robert Langdon’s series is a story worth reading. The story very slowly absorbs the listener into it with only one way of escape and that is the one which leads towards the end of the story. Robert Langdon teaches symbology and iconology at the famous school of Harvard comes to Kirsch’s place where he thinks that such a revelation is made that could bring drastic changes in the world of science.

Kirsch who was the student of Langdon a long time ago impresses everyone with his presentation and the knowledge of science that he possesses. The story fulfills the basic elements of a thriller when all of a sudden we are faced with a calamity that destroys everything around and brings chaos to the world that looked perfect a moment ago. Langdon at once finds himself with Ambra who is the museum director.

Both are with the same motive that takes them away from Bilbao and they reach Barcelona in search of the password that could open Kirsch’s secret to them and they could finally get to the roots of the matter. The working of the clues one after the other slowly reveals the story which always keeps us on the edge as what would happen in the next scene. The thrill and high drama is a sure element of the novel in which the characters are chased by deadly enemies and are entrapped in riddles unknown to mankind. The narration of Paul Michael is an extra ingredient that gives the story more insight and excitement all the way to the final disposition of the whole problem.

Just like the books from the author in the series including Deception Point: A Novel, The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons this book 5b also has topped the best sellers and has been one of the favorite ones of most of the book lovers.


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