Orion Awakened

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Dean and his friends faced terrible things in their space adventure as a result of which their ship was destroyed but they successfully landed on the new Earth. To their surprise the new Earth that was selected by the ruling class on the real Earth was not stranded as they hoped.

When the search was done it was told that this new colony had no life signs and now there appears the real owner of this mysterious domain. Dean along with his friends wants to stay on this new land because they have travelled million of miles to reach there. Secondly, the place has everything that they need for a prosperous life.

Living on this apparent paradise is impossible because of the strange mysteries that terrorize everyone even in the day light. J.N. Chaney and Jonathan Yanez are providing the introduction to the strange world and the life that is already on it in slow motion. Haste would have destroyed the impact of the whole mysterious world on the mind of the listener.

Ray Porter was aware about all this from the starting in Orion Colony and Orion Uncharted.  Narration also gets a changed style in almost every part, at first there was fear and then it was curiosity and finally comes the preparation.

Preparations are done for the facing of the Great Dawn, though it is not known whether it is the name of a person or thing but at least everyone is mentally prepared. Since the start there is one huge difference between this series and the previous one i.e the characters are not trying to go back to Earth.

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