Orion Protected

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Just as anticipated J.N. Chaney and Jonathan Yanez put in their favorite ingredient in the finale i.e war. Both sides are aware what they are dealing with, humans are the foreigners to the land but they too are not going back. For the survival on this new land they have to fight back now or they would perish quite soon.

Dean just cannot allow the evil present around to kill him and his friends easily. If war is the answer then the humans are ready to settle the scores this time, an inner voice still tell Dean that they are not enough against the enemy. Hope makes Dean able to put a step forward in the dark against something that he has faced in the past. At the start of this book the authors tell us about two species present on the planet but in the end only one of them survives the war.

Incredible finish to the story that started with Orion Colony and Orion Awakened however some issues remain with the minor characters. Some criticism is done by the critics that the book never had a lot of information about the people who were left on the earth. What happened to the other eleven ships in the waiting was never given detailed space.

Also Ray Porter’s narration does not go into the high tone for the finale. Narration is perfect in each and every chapter but it lacked the fireworks or perhaps the fans were expecting high this time from the narrator. Chaney and Jonathan have done well in the ending chapter by compiling all the main characters for a big showdown.

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    Orion Awakened

    Commune: Book Two


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