Orion Uncharted

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Orion the first of the twelve ships launched in outer space has fallen as a result of a big conspiracy. No connection with the earth has been established by any of the crew members but it does not mean that they are dead. Crew of the ship was successful in surviving the deadly attack of the enemies and now it searches for a chance to settle down somewhere safe. Survivors are not together because during the emergency landing they have scattered all over the colony.

Dean stands up as a leader at this time of need and he starts gathering the missing members of the crew. Survival could only be possible if they stay together and look for a way back to their home, it’s not easy thing since the crew lacks the basic food supplies. Colony that was established for these passengers of Orion is also not vacant, there are creatures on the colony that can hunt any human down if he is found isolated from the team. Dean’s zeal reminds the old fans the character of Jace in Renegade Star: Publisher’s Pack 3and Renegade Star: Publisher’s Pack 2.

In that series it was Jace’s determination that kept the human race alive and here Dean’s motivation and high spirit is doing the same. J.N. Chaney and Jonathan Yanez slowly make the series complex in story and strong in action. Narration of Ray Porter energizes the action scenes, the narrator is not super cool with the sentimental scenes but with the thrill he is the king. No signs of war yet in the story but J.N. Chaney usually end a series with a war so there will be one in the series sooner or later.

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