Otherworldly Powers

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Hugo Huesca started writing about a war between the gods and the Dungeon Lord and although the man never had the strength to confront those super powers but still he had a way. Hugo makes his hero rise against the gods both good and Dark at the same time. Edward Wright was given the opportunity by both sides to join and enjoy the fruits after that but he denied and now he faces their wrath.

The gods are attacking and destroying everything that Edward loves or wants to protect. The gods are not only teasing the Dungeon Lord but also relishing his growing weakness as they want him to kneel in front of them. The Battle of Burrova is on during which precious lives are being sacrificed from human side of course and now Edward and his friends try to save as many people as they can. But the danger and threat is not over because the devastating plague of the undead is coming to the human world.

The evil is so huge that it would eradicate the humans from the face of the earth and even the gods would not be able to stop it once it is unleashed. Edward plans of joining forces which is of course is not a good idea at all but he has to take the risk before it is too late and the things go totally out of hands. Better than Dungeon Lord  this next part rises in status in the voice of Jeff Hays and Annie Ellicott who mix their voices and makes a blend that can appeal to anyone who even listens to it for the first time.

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