Out of Phaze

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Existence in two different worlds at the same time could be fun for others well it is not the case with Stile. His life has been hell since the start of the first part of the series as he is running for his life and has been trying to save the world in the process as well.

No hero created by Piers Anthony has suffered so much in the stories and even after three parts, the hero does not possess an upper hand in the fight. He thinks that he has been lucky because of the narrow escapes and sooner or later he has the hope to turn the course of the battle in his favor.

However, there is just hope because the signs are not in Stile’s favor till the present part and he can lose at any moment if he does not succeed in escaping the deadly fangs of his enemies. Proton believes in science and magic does not exist according to them while the Phaze is linked to magic and the people think that magic is the reason for existence.

Mach has been shifted to Phaze on this occasion and Bane is trying to exist in Proton. For both of them, this is not a friendly change because they are trying to adjust to worlds that they have never known about previously. Board Stiff and For Love of Evil are good stories by the same author but it is a good thing to listen to this series in a complete way and don’t add other thoughts to it. Traber Burns’s rhythmic voice will also encourage you to listen in continuity.

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