Out of the Shadows

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Out of the Shadows is a chapter out of Star Wars: The High Republic. It is a teen & young adult novel which is written by Justina Ireland. She is an American author of young adult and science fiction novels. She did a phenomenal job with the writing of her Star Wars: The High Republic: A Test of Courage novel. Dread Nation is another mind-blowing novel that Justina Ireland has written.

The audio narration of Out of the Shadows is done by Keylor Leigh. It was a flat performance and that couldn’t bring out the real essence of the characters as such.

Sylvestri was on a streak of bad luck and was having no end to it in sight. She was trying her best to keep going with her family cargo business after the demise of her mother. She then decided to go to the galactic capital of Coruscant for getting all the help but then got sidetracked when she got drawn into a squabble between a couple of the most influential families of the Republic. The issue was just over a small patch of space that was on the frontier. Being caught within the familial politics was supposed to be the very last place where Syl want to be. However, the promise of giving out a lucrative payout was just good enough to keep her interested.

Vernestra Two, the Jedi Knight in the meanwhile was summoned to the Coruscant but had no idea by whom or why.

The story of Out of the Shadows is quite decent but it got ruined with poor narration. The audiobook wouldn’t make a good deal as such.

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