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After sensational and mind arresting first part by Mark Sullivan the second part appears in front of us so quickly that it seems that the author had this in the mind while writing Rogue. Eric Meyers gets the opportunity to narrate the second part as well and thus it is the same team on a different mission.

Robin Monarch saved everything associated to him in the first chapter when the whole crime world was after him but there is no leisure time for patriots like him. Back with the agency he signs for another mission that takes him to South China. US Secretary of State has gone missing and the CIA cannot allow anyone to make this news official because it is a matter of national security.

A war can start between the world super powers if something happens to the abducted lady who is among the most important people in the US. Robin gets a week to solve the mission and if he fails it is war that is coming to the whole wide world and innocent lives will be lost for sure. Go and fetch mission gets twisted like Beneath a Scarlet Sky because Robin senses that there are more than one masterminds involved in this kidnap. And it is not just a kidnap but a conspiracy that once again roots deep into the White House too.

Someone from the government is involved in all of this and he or she has deep connections to the underworld of Asia. Stakes are high and the clock is ticking for the old veteran to perform in the biggest mission of his career.

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    Rogue Robin Monarch 1

    Thief A Robin Monarch Novel, Book 3


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