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Paddington at Large Audiobook

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    Paddington at Large Audiobook


    Michael Bond has created a wholesome character having all the ingredients of love, joy, and adventure for the readers and for whoever listens to the story. Paddington at large is another wonderful book in the Paddington series which is actually the 5th book and is narrated by Hugh Bonneville who has given the voice like magic.

    Though all books revolve around the same character the bear called Paddington but the fact is that each and every book brings in more adventures and fun for the readers. There are many things that you might think would be an ordinary task but when Paddington is around the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

    In this book, the story starts when Paddington is working out in lawn quietly and everything stays normal until he finds something to create an adventure on his own unintentionally and creates a special day for the whole family as well.

    It is a fact when Paddington is around quietness and routine work never stays the same for a long time and something sticks around for everyone to make them feel they are on a roller coaster. Just like in other books in the same series including the A Bear Called Paddington, More About Paddington and Paddington Helps Out you can find many things which involve the Brown’s family and Paddington leads them to the most unexpected end of the day they would never have imagined themselves.

    The smooth and expression-filled narration and the joyful story plot surely acts on the listener’s mind who will always be willing to hear the story again and again.


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