Paddington Marches On Audiobook

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Paddington Marches On Audiobook

Paddington marches on is the book 6 in the Paddington series written by Michael Bond and narrated by Hugh Bonneville which surely includes all the adventures the author has described in the books A Bear Called Paddington, More About Paddington and Paddington Helps Out.

In this story, the Author describes how the bear marches on and continues to contribute to the family’s tasks at home. The bear is never out of any course either there is a task to clean the chimney at home that is so dirty no one would be interested to do that or he can also get into fixing any plumbing issue. Paddington bear can handle any kind of task no matter how difficult it is and whether or not anyone is interested to do it, Paddington would do it anyways. In addition to that, when the bear is in the task is ever going to be dull and boring things for everyone, it would be an adventure for sure. The miracles that happen while working along with the Paddington Bear are never-ending and ends up in a joy for everyone in the family.

The story is smoothly written and gives a joyous feel for the listeners who are looking for some happy moments when alone. The events and the activities that bear starts out, flow easily throughout the story in a way that you will ever feel bored. If you have been reading or listening to the stories written on the adventures of Paddington, you will surely enjoy this one as well.


  1. A Bear Called Paddington
  2. More About Paddington
  3. Paddington Helps Out
  4. Paddington Abroad
  5. Paddington at Large
  6. Paddington Marches On
  7. Paddington at Work
  8. Paddington Goes to Town
  9. Paddington Takes the Test
  10. Love From Paddington
  11. Paddington and the Magic Trick
  12. Paddington Plays On
  13. Paddington’s Day Off
  14. Paddington Sets Sail

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