Paddington at Work Audiobook

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Paddington at Work

Paddington is always at work and finds many things to work on. The Author finds many ways to describe the joy that the bear has in all of the activities it does. There is no work left behind that the bear has never got into to add some adventure tricks for making it even more exciting and problems filled for the Brown Family.

Though the intentions of the bear are not wrong and all the energy it has to work on many things comes from the ability to work everything in a unique way to help out others. Though the work never turns out to be the way it should still it tries to get things straight in the best way it can.

The family understands the overall intentions of the Paddington and they always are ready to compensate the mess around the work they find caused by Paddington.

The bear never misses a chance to get into the work regardless of the nature and the complexity of the work that is to be done. He always gets into the business either he finds that he should be adding his thoughts and efforts to work in the stock exchange or anyone needs to learn Ballet. He tries to manage and help in a barber shop or he is always interested to work in Mr. Curry’s kitchen. No matter where Paddington is working with his daily duties and self-created responsibilities, there is always a lot of mess and adventure tied to every chore.  Michael Bond has described each and every event in a detailed and engaging way and the story has been given life by the narrator Hugh Bonneville. This is Book 7 in the Paddington series and you may enjoy other books in the series that include,  Paddington Helps Out and  A Bear Called Paddington.



  1. A Bear Called Paddington
  2. More About Paddington
  3. Paddington Helps Out
  4. Paddington Abroad
  5. Paddington at Large
  6. Paddington Marches On
  7. Paddington at Work
  8. Paddington Goes to Town
  9. Paddington Takes the Test
  10. Love From Paddington
  11. Paddington and the Magic Trick
  12. Paddington Plays On
  13. Paddington’s Day Off
  14. Paddington Sets Sail

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