Pale Gray for Guilt

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Pale Gray for Built is the 9th chapter in the extremely interesting Travis McGee novel series. It is a crime fiction mystery thriller saga where Travis McGee and his investigative ventures drives the story. The author of this novel is John D. MacDonald who deserves a lot of appreciation for producing such entertaining novels in an extremely long multi-novel series. A few of his other exciting novels include the likes of Nightmare in Pink and The Deep Blue Good-By.

Robert Petkoff got entrusted with the responsibility of narration of this novel. He managed to give a powerful performance with all the experience that he accumulated over the past years while doing plenty of audio novels.

The men who murdered Tush Bannon were fully aware of the fact that he was quite a nice person who had a wife and three kids as well. He was trying to run a very small marina somewhere along the Florida coast. They were also aware that he was in the way of some huge land development plan. After killing him, the murderers discovered that they were on easy street. But Tush was Travis friend and Travis could be a very tough adversary in a situation when he is defending a widow and her children.

Travis McGee is a great character in this entire series who gets developed into something better one after the other chapter of the saga. Sometimes, he will just keep you guessing about his personality traits or how he would react in a certain situation. This is actually the beauty of his character which will bring you closer and closer to him with every part been unfolded.

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