Paradise Valley

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Paradise Valley is the fourth book in Cody Hoyt/ Cassie Dewell novel. It is a suspenseful crime mystery novel which is written by C. J. Box. He is one of the best narrators that we have today in the mystery-thriller genre. There are plenty of novels from the author which will endorse that claim and one of them is Nowhere to Run. Moreover, Shadows Reel is another novel that put Box in the league of best writers.

Christina Delaine doesn’t miss out on any opportunity given to her to impress listeners with her spectacular performance. This novel is another addition to his best-performed audiobooks.

Investigator Cassie for three long years has been on an unsuccessful hunt of a serial killer who was widely known as the Lizard King. The truck shops and the highways were his main hunting grounds. Those were the places where the prostitutes and runaways usually vanish. Cassie almost got hold of the Lizard King once.

Cassie set a perfect trap for the serial killer, which even lured him. But, the execution of the plan was not good and he escaped. The entire blame for that horrible plan going wrong fell on Cassie She lost her job as a result of that.

Kyle, a troubled 12 years old king was taken by Cassie under her wings. He also disappeared after telling people that he was going on some adventure. The grandmother of the kid begged Cassie to find him. Cassie agreed as she had nothing else to do. She started her hunt while also having the Lizard King in mind.

This was a fantastic book with a gripping story and excellent narration. Entertainment is guaranteed. Promise!

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