Parno’s Destiny

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A real prince of the kingdom of Soulan, Parno saved the land and its people from the deadly blows of the enemy but now the enemy unleashes its wrath even further. Parno never had any interest in the affairs of the state because he has not been loyal to his family but his loyalty for the people is unquestionable. Thus he puts his nose into the matters of the state just because he is concerned about the people. Norland Empire’s first attack apparently failed but it was a part of a bigger plan now they know the strength and weaknesses of the land that is already in a crumbled state.

Another question which really teases the fans is that why Norland army is invading a kingdom that has nothing or perhaps they have something of which they are not aware of. Youngest of the prince thus stands in the way of the enemy not because he wanted to but because his elder brothers failed to prove their worth in commanding the army. The king made Parno the chief of the army but his two elder brothers fail to digest that insult and they are fully aware that this is his first step towards the throne.

N.C. Reed with Eric Michael Summerer at his disposal in narration is still not stopping what he started in Parno’s Company. Parno’s Gambit too might not be enough to conclude the things. The series in need of at least two more parts so that all the things are explained in the best possible way with no further issue remaining in the mind of the audience.

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    Parno’s Company

    Parno’s Gambit


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