Parno’s Gambit

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Parno doubting his brother and finds his sister to be the main evil doer all this time, the shocker comes with a tragedy too. The king is dead, murdered by his own daughter and now she is coming for her brothers so that she can pave her way to the throne. Princess has no plan of taking the crown herself rather she has her twin brother for this dirty work, one thing is clear for Parno he has to select between his family and the people of Soulan.

These are the problems that Parno faces from the inside and from the outside the forces at the borders are losing grip because the enemy is getting stronger. Only a miracle from the heaven can save the land or the Dying era is once again approaching the land, this time it will take the remaining survivors with it. Taking risk is not a bad idea when everything that you own is at stake; Parno does the same thing and leaves several things to his luck this time. N.C. Reed talked about fate in Parno’s Company and Parno’s Destiny but the word fate and chance is really applicable in this part.

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The risks are not even calculated ones, surrounded by enemies from all sides Parno just throws everything in mid air and then waits for his chance of catching all of it again. Not full of wisdom the novel tells us the story in the voice Eric Michael Summerer about a boy who survives because his fate needed him to survive. For some it was Parno’s inner goodness that helped him survive such a deadly situation as this. Member Benefit

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    Parno’s Destiny

    Parno’s Peril


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