Passage to Dawn

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Passage to Dawn is another classical piece of literary work by the world famous author. R. A. Salvatore. This book and several other from his Legend of Drizzt series made him as the best-selling author in New York Times, which actually endorses the quality of his writing and his ability to engage audience with his fantasies.

The book is a science fiction fantasy and absolutely amazing to indulge within this and come out as complete lover of the author and the narrator of this novel. The narration of this novel is given by Victor Bevine in a very strong and soulful tone, which suits well with the magnitude of the character of Drizzt in this novel series.

In Passage to Dawn, the time is for some severe retaliation and revival in a freezing wasteland. It is been a little of 6 years for Catti-brie and Drizzt to be away from the Mithral Hall. They could still feel the deep and intense pain on their shoulders to lose a great friend.  Chasing pirates this time is a big enough motive to draw their attention from all the past miseries and focus on their new mission.

Boundless: A Drizzt Novel and Streams of Silver are a couple of other books by R. A. Salvatore, which you will enjoy as much as any other book that you have ever listened. Being part of the famous Legend of Drizzt novel series, you will be able to connect the dots between different prequels and sequels of these books and will also be able to find out that how gracefully, the character of Drizzt has developed over the different parts of this novel series.

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