Path of Daggers

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The fictional saga of Robert Jordan goes on and on, the story now seems to be an ending one as there is still no conclusion sign even in this ninth chapter. After the A Crown of Swords though we see a hint of conclusion as several characters show settlement in their life the main war and the issues do not appear to be settling at all. Seanchan has won the battle which forced Nynaeve and Elayne to run for their lives once again and this time they chose to go to Caemlyn.

The country is not only Elayne’s birthplace but it is also the place the rightfully belongs to her as she is the direct successor to the king. Ebou Dar is no more under their control thus the two are with no other choice after all.

Once again they found another evil on the way that appears to bigger than all other that they faced in the last seven books. Each time an evil is introduced the “Wheel of Time” takes another twist thus the pattern is the same but the features of the devil always lure us.

We see some kind of things happening in Lord of Chaos but the sensation is never lost along with the dramatic element that Kate Reading and Michael Kramer’s narration garnish with their voices. Rand once again starts the mission all over in order to throw Seanchan back and this time he is with a tiring feeling as he gets the hint that his quest would never be with a happy ending.

The life of pleasure is not there for Rand and his group as their fate is out of their grasp now.



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