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Payoff is a nonfictional book based on science & technology. It is a book about psychology and the mind. The book reveals some hidden logic that is critical for shaping our motivations. It is written excellently by Dan Ariely. For the narration part, Simon Jones has given his voice, which made this book a really refreshing experience for the audience in the audiobook format.

We work super hard every day just to motivate ourselves and also the people we live along. This range also extends to all those people, who not only work for us and also do business. In such a setting, majority of what we could doing is completely defined as being the real motivators.

Right from the boardroom to the living room, the role given to us as motivators is way too complicated. The more we strive hard on these lines to motivate our partners and kids, friends and colleagues, the much clear it gets that the motivational story is far more fascinating and intricate than we could ever think about.

This chapter Payoff investigates everything and every fact associated with what motivation is and how it works. It also explores are partial blindness to accept the fact that how it actually works in the real world and what could be done by us in order to bridge this critical gap. The author really went deep to find the very roots of motivation and how it could help us.

The author Dan Ariely is known for writing motivational books and those based on science and technology and the psychology of mind. A couple of really inspiring books from the author are The Upside of Irrationality and Dollars and Sense.


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