People We Meet on Vacation

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Even when we are average people and living an average life, it does not been that there would be no special moment in our life. Everyone has certain moments that he can term as special ones. Emily Henry talks about such kinds of people and moments which makes the stories more lifelike. Beach Read and Book Lovers are full of such characters whom we can resemble with our own personalities. All of these three books are narrated by Julia Whelan so they will appear as parts of the same series.

Actually, the books have separate stories but their style and themes can be compared. Poppy and Alex are people from two different worlds and still, they have a friendship bond that has not been broken for the last ten years. They don’t meet each other every now and then because they live in different parts of the world. It is during the summer vacation that they meet and enjoy as much as they can.

Poppy lives in the city with all the charms of life while Alex prefers the village life with his books intact. Now for the last two years, the two haven’t met each other because something happened during the last summer vacation that they spent together and they don’t want to talk about it. Poppy has everything but she is not happy and she thinks that she has to meet Alex once again in order to tell him the truth which she has been hiding for the last ten years. So they decide to spend another summer vacation together and if they don’t open their hearts to each other then they would not be able to reunite in the future.

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