Perfect Alibi

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The hope of many comes true when they listen to the voice of Tim Campbell as the narrator for the third time. The voice is most suited to such courtroom thrillers and mysteries attached to murder cases. Mike Daley and Rosie have been divorced for more than a decade but they have three things common. First is their profession, secondly the firm that they run and lastly the most important part of their life i.e their daughter.

The daughter of these two great lawyers had become a teenager now and of course she has a boyfriend now. Having a boyfriend is not an issue but if the boyfriend is wanted for a murder case than it surely is a very big issue. The boyfriend of Mike’s daughter killed his father who was a judge in the Superior Court. This means only one thing and that is a death sentence for the boy. But why should a teenager do such a thing is the issue that confuse the mind of the two lawyers. Bobby acclaims that he was on his date and the father was lying dead on the bedroom floor when he returned home.

Still found along with the weapon the boy has no way out of the case unless Mike and Rosie come for the rescue. Murder becomes a twisted sex tale and takes us on a tour on which the audience went during Criminal Intent and Special Circumstances. Sheldon Siegel has attached the series to personal issues of Mike and Rosie more than the social ones that develop more interest in their family life rather than the society they live in.

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