Peril at Granite Peak

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The adventure just keeps on becoming serious in the initial parts, now it is becoming deadly than ever before in the series. The secret of the Red Arrow and Mystery of the Phantom Heist never hinted towards such seriousness of action in the future sections. Getting into serious gear does not mean the story is not for the kids anymore.

It has a lot written just for the kids who have been a fan of Franklin W. Dixon from the beginning of the book. Despite the action and terrible things happening all around, the book has comedy in it in a lot of places. At some places, however, there are some adjustments required where the action becomes more physical and thus not suitable for the kids. Rick gets into trouble this time, a trouble out of which he never got out as it landed on his head.

Frank and Joe were just watching when Rick saw something on the ground and as he picked it up he got covered with thick snow. What Rick found was never revealed and some think that the whole thing was never an accident rather it was a planned attack. But then what could anybody have wanted with a simple boy such as Rick remains a mystery for all.

During the narration, Tim Gregory has developed a different style on different occasions but the main impact this time on the mind of the listener is of the story. The story is strongly appealing and it just makes a special spot in our mind for a permanent stay. Clues also make us toil as it takes time to arrange them together in the mind.

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