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Chainfire Trilogy gave a new life to an already successful Sword of Truth novel series. It is the 10th book from the series by the novelist, Terry Goodkind who is once again brilliant with every aspect of a science fiction fantasy novel. His characters of Richard and Kahlan are refreshing as ever and you would love them in this story named, Phantom.

Kahlan Amnell soon became the most mysterious and the most shocking woman alive, especially when she woke up one day and could remember nothing, but her own name. For everyone else involved around her, that was the start to the end of the world.

Richard, her beloved husband was desperately trying to locate her missing wife. Richard after his part of incident and subsequent injury could only remember his wife, who had gone missing. He knows very well that if she couldn’t rediscover herself that who she actually is then she would eventually become the tool, which would completely unleash annihilation.

On the other extreme, Kahlan developed the opinion that if she has to decipher about her lost identity, then the evil subsequently would dominate and entirely possess all her body, mind and soul. For her survival in the gloomy world of great betrayal and deception. Kahlan must determine that why she is such a prominent person in the world, which is swirling all around her. The secrets that she uncovers are mysterious even more than she could ever think about.

World’s First Rule and Blood of the Fold novels depicts the caliber of Terry Goodkind as a writer. The recommended novels clearly demonstrates his literary strengths, especially about his imagination and creativity in crafting novels of such magnitude and fictional vision.




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