Pharos The Horus Heresy, Book 34

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Entire galaxy happens to be in a state of war because the Warmaster is not ready to show mercy and he is committed to fulfill his destiny at any cost. Fighting and showing resistance as long as it is possible is the only way for the planets and stars that come in the way of this monster.

All is not lost yet because heroic figures like that of Sanguinius are present for the galaxy to rely on or at least look forward to in the time of need. No doubt the Emperor has stood strong in the time of war and has protected the land and population in his premises with full commitment.

In these war situations panic is not an option for any of the leaders but Roboute thinks that Terra is not a safe haven anymore as once it was supposed to be. So they have no option except to leave for Mount Pharos which would prove a safe place for the humans that are left alive after the deadly attacks and the savage wars.

The journey is made but they were unaware that the deadly Night Lords has their eyes fixed on this spot. Attack takes place on Pharos and the fans who know Guy Haley since the publishing of The Lost and the Damned and The Devastation of Baal would not be surprised.

Sudden attacks have been one of the patterns of Haley’s works, for the narrator John Banks this part with the surprise attack was the most awesome one. The narrator really has enjoyed narrating the scene of the sudden attacks; one can feel this in the narrator’s voice.

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    War Without End

    Eye of Terra


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