Photographing the Dead

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Photographing the Dead is another marvelous attempt by Dean Koontz on a short and beautiful story. It is part 2 of the Nameless novel series, where the prior or the opening chapter of the series was highly appreciated by audience. This makes it even more interesting to spend time in going through this a little over 1 hour audio book. The narration job of this short story is done by Edoardo Ballerini, which is one of the highlight of this short story.

In this short story, a self-styled artist is try to get away with a murder commented in the Death Valley. If all goes well according to the plan, so will be the case with Nameless, who is an inexorable nemesis preoccupied by the immense nightmares for his past and has the nature gift of envisioning the future.

The hunting ground of Palmer Oxenwald is actually the wasteland of Mojave. All his victims are common people or the random tourists and hikers that come to the place. The trophies for him are all the cherished photographs of those damages that he has done so far. The greatest enemy or threat for him is Nameless. These two men have one major thing in common between them. That is they both have memories of the dead. For someone who is a psychopath like Palmer, they both were an obvious rush in black & white.

The author Dean Koontz is a writer more interested in writing short stories and anthologies. A couple of such ventures of the writer, which are part of the ongoing Nameless series are: In the Heart of Fire and The Praying Mantis Bride.



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    In the Heart of the Fire

    The Praying Mantis Bride


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