Plague Ship

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Clive Cussler combines his skills with Jack Du Brul for the fifth part of the awesome series which has told us about different conspiracies of militant forces in the past. When the series has launched the team of Oregon was focusing on Golden Buddha and then devilish things such as the metal snakes were observed in Skeleton Coast.  Juan and his men think that they have seen everything in this world which is bound to destroy each other.

Well, the men were wrong this time because they are about to see the most hideous side of humanity in this episode. While moving freely in the ocean Captain of Oregon Juan Cabrillo spotted a ship that looked in a bad state. From a distance, the ship didn’t look as if it faced any attack because it was not wrecked but still no one was controlling it. It seemed that death has eaten everyone in just one attack.

When Oregon approached near, Juan saw not humans but corpses of men who have been killed not with the help of bullets but through some deadly virus. The men on the ship died as a result of the first successful test by the militants and Juan is sure that more is about to come after that.

This dangerous group of men armed with scientists and hi-tech biological weapons wants to control the world population differently. Scott Brick just gets into the story well and he narrates the lines of each character with absolute brilliance. The narrator has a habit of highlighting few scenes as well to make things interesting in the novel.

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