Planet Wrecker

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Planet Wrecker: Doom Star, Book 5

The author Vaughn Heppner definitely has a mantra of success in literary writing and he has many times talked about it. Perseverance in writing has been his formula of success in producing a range of quality science fiction novels. There are plenty of novels from the archives of the author that are successful and could also be named. A couple of those worthy novels are The Lost Swarm and The Lost Supernova.

Planet Wrecker is a contemporary science fiction fantasy. It is chapter 5 of the Doom Star novel series. You will get to hear the voice of Ely Miles in the audiobook version. In the entire series till this 5th chapter, this was probably the best performance given by the narrator.

The moons and also the Outer Planets’ habitats have gone extremely quiet that include Neptune, Saturn and Uranus. After the cyborg attack on the Jupiter System, the reason was quite obvious.

Finally, a blip is discovered by a man eventually. It becomes extremely terrifying as asteroids started t hurtle towards the planet Earth. The asteroids with missiles and laser turrets meant one thing only. They were all intended to crash the Earth and annihilate the outdated Homo sapiens and the Highborn oppressors as well.

Marten Kluge comes to the scene in this highly grim situation. He is equipped with the elite patrol-boat pilots. He also has his troop pods, which are stuffed with the veteran space marines. Before having all this through, Marten Kluge is going to need all of them.

The novel Planet Wrecker is a tale of arrogant Highborn, some genocidal cyborgs and a few desperate people having their backs against the wall.

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