Planetary Assault

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Planetary Assault is an exciting novel. It is written by the trio of B. V. Larson, David VanDyke and Vaughn Heppner. All these three novelists are known for writing the best contemporary science fiction fantasy novels. When they all three combined together, then a super exciting novel was a certain thing to have.

Planetary Assault is also a contemporary science fiction novel. The novel belongs to the Doom Star novel series, which had many chapters written by Vaughn Heppner alone. A couple of other collaborative novels written by B.V. Larson and David VanDyke are Demon Star and Exile. The novels are from Star Force novel series and definitely worthy of listening through their audiobook version.

Planetary Assault is a novel narrated by the experienced narrator Mark Boyett. His voice made this audiobook sound really good for the audience.

Sometimes defending your loved ones is all about risking almost everything you have. It also means to attempt the most daunting tasks ever in the universe. The task of great difficulty this time is to make a planetary assault up against the engrained enemy. But, as long as the men involved refuse to give up in front of the conquerors, they would go for the enemy’s jurisdiction. Their sole purpose is to fight fr victory only or otherwise die.

In this novel, you will see the three undisputed champions of the contemporary science fiction genre together. They are here to tell extremely harrowing stories of hi-tech mayhem.

You will find here Planetary Assault drips of the best and the most hard-fought victories. It also tells an account of the grim defeats just when the mankind is forced to make its way in the galaxy, all through their immense fighting abilities only.

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