Pleading Guilty

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Scott Turow developed a messy kind of a story in The Burden of Proof  where the life of a defense lawyer was struck with bad luck in a big way. Here the story is little less tense because it moves on positive lines as far as the main character is concerned. Mack Malloy who was once a cop, now just lives the remaining days of his life on a salary that is satisfactory for him.

During this job he gets a chance to rediscover the old self in him and performs the heroic task that he loved in the old days. Mack thought that he would live the rest of his life with his favorite wine bottle but he just could not let injustice prevail in front of his eyes. He never thought that a close friend of his in the law firm in which he works now would run away with the cash. Five million proves to be too big amount to be left without a chase so the old veteran in Mack rises once again.

There is also another thought in his mind that teases him i.e his friend was not that type of a man who would run with such a big amount. A possibility that the whole thing was a setup against him also strikes in Mack’s mind every now and then. Just leave your thoughts about The Last Trial and listen to this classic narrated by William Hope.

There is thrill and action, not much but ample to keep your nerves alert during the continuation of the novel. Several things were predictable but still it does not spoil the fun of the story.

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    The Burden of Proof

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