Points of Impact

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Points of Impact is a marvelous new novel based on military science fiction genre. It involves war between forces, but in a surprisingly new and weird setting all in a fantasy world.

It is all because of the brilliant imagination and putting some great thoughts in amazing words and story by the author, Marko Kloos. Not to forget the brilliant narration of Luke Daniels, who throughout the series has been phenomenal with his expressive tone and amazing voice quality.

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Humankind may have managed to win their hard fought battle, but this is not just the end. A new threat is looming, which is bigger than ever before.

The large armed forces of the Earth have managed to stop the Lankies to advance and also followed their ships aggressively out of the solar system. But, for Andrew Grayson, the CDC officer, the battle use to feel like anything but won.

On Mars, the difficult task of flushing out the 20 meter tall alien invaders from their spots underground is wearing down equipment and troops at a very high rate. On the other end for the supplementary extra solar colonies, the risk of Lanky attack is always there.

Is there a game changer on Earth? The novice weapons and ships of advance level are specifically designed for the sake of hunting and killing all the Lankies and also place the militaries of humanities on the equal balance with their formidable foes.

Aftershocks and Angels of Attack novels are written by Marko Kloos, who is a maestro in contemporary science fiction genre. The storyline, characterization and audio performances of both these recommended books is brilliant and all worth your time.




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