Poirots Finest Cases

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The book consists of Poirot’s finest cases which are surely more than one and the quality of Agatha Christie really can be seen when we read these masterpieces together as there are a variety and diversity in the whole collection. The plot is never the same and there is no similarity in the stories nor do we see any repetition of same incidents again and again in each case that could make the things boring and dull for us.

Each case is a new case with different characters and different situation which does not possess any link with the rest. The first story starts with the trace of letters, and then the second one is related to the killing of a businessman that does not look like a murder at all in the first glance. Not only the cases are different but also the places are far apart from each other.

Poirots moves from one part of the world to the other, we see him in Europe and he is also seen solving a murder case near the Nile in Egypt as well. We observe different languages and cultures along with different rules and laws of the different states of the world.

Not only does Poirot solves murder cases but also at different situations himself gets entangled in the murders of celebrities especially women that make his own life a living hell on certain occasions. John Moffatt and full cast narrated in a professional way through the task was a tough one because each story needed a separate accent in an entirely different situation. The job is done up to accuracy without the loss of intensity of the story.

The Empowered, Trevor Black 02 – Craig Parshall, The Trials of Rumpole – John Mortimer and Waypoint Kangaroo (Kangaroo #1) – Curtis C. Chen also are some of the novels people have liked and recommended.



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