Pop Goes the Weasel

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This is not the first time we see Alex falling in love but the problem is that each time he falls in love some new disaster approaches him. Because of these disasters or the cases which he takes he is never been able to spend quality time with his family or the people he loves. Personal life gets a kick every time a new criminal or case emerges on the land. Murders have surrounded Washington with horrors and no one feels safe in such circumstances.

Alex Cross tries to find some clues which can help him trace the criminal but at the initial level, he completely fails. Then after toil, he finally gets something to rely on. The clues lead him to the criminal but when he tries to approach the man he realizes that he does not possess anything solid enough to arrest the man after all he happens to a British diplomat.

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Arresting a diplomat can derail everything in politics so Geoffrey Shafer remains safe in the first round or we can say that he wins the first round against Alex. Then Shafer does not sit still instead of waiting for Alex’s next move he counter-attacks on him and hits him hard. All of Alex’s dreams which he knitted with his fiancé get disturbed.  Author James Patterson started the series with Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls but this is just awesome stuff that can be understood by the adults only. Michael Kramer impresses the adult audience more as compared to kids through the narration. Alex’s love affair again does not get a chance to fully bloom here because of this serious work.

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