Possession The Steel Brothers Saga, Book 3

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Love surpasses all in the third part of the saga, there have been many hurdles in the way of the two love birds but the love never vanished. They have been attached to one another through the strings of their hearts. Torn by the evils of the past they still don’t doubt the love that emerged between the two in Craving and Obsession.  Jade knows that she has been going into the demon world while her investigation on the Steel family but still the girl cannot keep her heart in control. Talon not ready to put the girl of his dreams in trouble at all so he want to go alone on the perilous journey.

The family has enemies and terrorizing ones, this is the first gift you get if you want to join the “Steel” family. Talon wants to purify himself for the girl who is committed to him and he is obsessed for her. Life of the couple hangs in balance and the enemy and the issue are not clear still.

Helen Hardt does not open the story fully in this third part even because the writer wants to enhance the love between the two and the fans can feel what these two can do for love. They have been craving first and then they became obsessed and now they are surely ready for a fight no matter who the rival is the will snatch their love from its teeth.

More intensity and aggression in Sebastian York and Neva Navarre’s narration the story is getting to the aggression mode rather than love. And no one was really expecting such an aggression in the story when the first part came on the scene.

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