Predator (Incursion)

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The Rage War [01] Predator {Incursion} – Tim Lebbon

Tim Lebbon starts the series of the predator with this book. The creatures are out of this world all equipped with modern technology but still they possess the hunger to kill its prey in the old evil way so that they can see the blood dripping out of their bodies when they cut their throats with their own bare hands.

The predator ships land on the earth all of a sudden with no reason of any sort and the war between the marines and the predator starts with high stakes no doubt. The elite force with Lt. Johnny Mains as its head come face to face with the predators and find themselves against a force that they have never seen before, an enemy that is far deadlier than death perhaps.

The predators kill without reason and then keep the skull of their prey hanging on their vest as a symbol of pride thus they are hunters with modern technology and old zeal with a grudge for the human race. There are two other books of the same series that depict the final ending of the saga as well so it’s nice to listen to The Rage War [03] Alien Vs. Predator {Armageddon} – Tim Lebbon, The Rage War [02] Alien {Invasion} – Tim Lebbon if someone is interested in the predator series.

The horror increases at each step of the story and is transferred quite well to the next parts of the trilogy as well. John Chancer has narrated the whole tale in his gloomy voice which makes it more terrorizing also the utterance of the dialogues and the sounds of the predators are awesome.



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